Michael D. Gaffney.

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Michael Gaffney是与公司的忠告。超过30年,迈克被认为是爱达荷州和西方怀俄明州最成熟的审判和上诉律师之一。

During the course of his career as a trial lawyer, Mike represented clients in some of the toughest venues in the country, including the U.S. District Courts for the Southern District of New York (Manhattan), the Central District of California (Los Angeles) and the Middle District of Florida (Tampa). He handled virtually every type of lawsuit, from simple evictions to national class actions. Mike is especially proud to have served by appointment as a Special Deputy Attorney General for the State of Idaho for over 20 years, defending the state and state agencies in Eastern Idaho civil rights and tort claims.

迈克在达科他州长大,并担任美国和平军团从1974年 - 1976年志愿者在南部非洲。他和他的妻子朱莉是阿维多高尔夫球手,滑雪者和狗恋人。


  • 爱达荷大学法学院,JD 1986